Monday, January 23, 2012

More On-Line Media Mentions

Yet another blog has given the art at the Houston Permitting Center the high sign. Click on Art History Links where there is a very brief comment or two referencing the blog column review in the Houston Press by Meredith Deliso. Just great to keep reading such good things about this unique green building. And aren't we happy to have been a part of making it wonderful?
I'm being a bit flip, but it's way late at night and I need to be in bed. Asleep. Not blogging.
But cannot now resist showing just a few photos you may not have seen before. Here's the third Geoff Winningham photo on metal being installed in the basement lobby, followed by a projection of the design for the lobby level 3 and finally, an image of Dean Ruck and Dan Havel's crew getting sections of Torrent into the building so that it could be reconstructed on site.

Do take a look at those blog mentions. Sure is nice that folks keep stopping by and then writing good things about our work.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Great God Pan is Dead Speaks Again

Houston's local art blogger, The Great God Pan is Dead, just dashed off a very nice post about much of the art in the Houston Permitting Center.  Good to hear good things about this great collaborative effort. I'm waiting now to see what he writes about Dick Wray's four-story exterior elevator tower, the artist's only public work of art, ever, in his lifetime.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great God Pan Put Us In His Top 10

Just read Robert Boyd's post on his top 10 picks for best/most interesting art in 2011. The Houston Permitting Center and its artists made the list. See the whole post right here.
Kudos to all twelve artists. Here are photos of just a few of the artful interventions we made for this facility in which hundreds of people come and go every day. What a good job it was. Enjoyed almost every moment of it.

I also read on Swamplot that the Houston Permitting Center is doing well in the voting for one of this year's Swamplot Awards. More good news.

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Time

And don't you think it's about time to change the building rendering on this blog's masthead so that Dick Wray's tower is part of the picture?


November 4 was Celebration Day for the twelve artists who created 'artful interventions' for the new Houston Permitting Center.
A year ago, these twelve artists took a first look at 1002 Washington Avenue, touring the construction site and then moving on to The Last Concert for margaritas. This time, we met in a building open for business.
We got to visit again with the folks who supported us through the process of making art for this very public and very green building: Houston Arts Alliance, Studio Red Architects, Manhattan Construction Co., City of Houston General Services and staff from the Mayor's office.
It did indeed 'take a village' to transform this 85 year old brick warehouse into a facility that houses 750 city employees and is now tracking for a LEEDs gold sustainability rating. The City of Houston aimed high with this project. 1002 Washington Avenue is unique in Houston.
Mayor Annise Parker joined the celebration with partner Cathy Hubbard and one of their daughters and daughter's best friend.
Yes, there were speeches, yes, there was time to meet spouses and friends of the artists and yes, there was wine and good food and yes, there was even a self guided tour brochure designed especially for the occasion.
Thanks to all who made the speeches and served the wine. Special thanks to HAA, Manhattan and Studio Red for underwriting the celebration.
Enough words. Here are the pictures.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten Years to Clarity: Houston Permitting Center

How satisfying it was this morning to see the Houston Permitting Center featured on Houston 20/20 Visions Ten Years to Clarity blog. Ten Years to Clarity's mission statement: "To provide a forum for creative visions for the next decade that will explore how development, environmental responsibility, housing, and transportation projects will contribute to a sustainable future for the City of Houston."

It's terrific to know that the 12 artists who created work for this new facility have contributed to Houston's sustainable future. Thanks to each for responding to the call to create work that would become an 'artful intervention in the functionality' of this unique city building at 1002 Washington Avenue.  

Artists for the project?
Dick Wray
Serena Lin Bush
Jesse Sifuentes
Kaneem Smith
Geoff Winningham
Metablab Studio
Havel-Ruck Projects
Agnes Welsh Eyster
Mary Margaret Hansen

You just might want to visit this facility. Soon. It's open to the public every day.  And ride the elevators to see art on all five levels.  Don't miss a thing. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

RED Zine: Focus on Houston Permitting Center

Just received the link to Studio RED's Zine devoted entirely to the Houston Permitting Center, a project for which they were lead architects and the galvanizing force promoting sustainability features that will become more cost effective with each season. Take a look at RED Zine.

More on the artful interventions soon. The City of Houston is compiling content on all aspects of the facility for on-line access. I am still collecting a few artist statements. May have to write a couple myself, just to make the deadline. How are there always so many loose ends in any project? Do I make these jobs up?
Perhaps I'd do well to bear in mind the sage advice which is signed with plexi-hands on level 2 of the building. It reads, "Fewer problems down the road, if you solve the issues today."