Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dick's Office

What a fitting way to begin this blog about the saga of creating "artful interventions in the functionality" of the vintage rice warehouse at 1002 Washington Avenue that the City of Houston is rehabbing for its permitting and code enforcement departments and its new green building resource center.
Here are photos of Dick Wray and me taken this afternoon at his house in the Heights. His wife says she is going to put a sign on the box springs of the bed that reads 'Dick's Office.' Apparently he conducts all visits with friends and business of all sorts from a horizontal position. If that is the way Dick will become one of the featured artists for this building, then I am happy to show the Power Point presentation and architectural renderings right there on his bed.
I think he's interested and when I return from Seattle, I'll bring Bill Neuhaus over a visit. Imagine all three of us on the bed.