Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dick Wray's Tower

I know, I know, it is time I changed the photo on this blog's masthead to show off Dick Wray's four story stainless steel, laser cut, black powder coated, four story elevator tower. It's about time.
Charles Masterson and his crew did a great job and I need to upload many more photos of the installation process post haste.

Civic Art Matters

It's always helps to have contextual information about the subject at hand, so here is a link to Houston's Municipal Art initiatives. We are lucky indeed that in 1999, City Council passed an ordinance that designates 1.75% of specific project construction budgets be used to create and display civic art. Council certainly had the big picture in mind, no pun intended.
In a 2009 op-ed piece in the Houston Chronicle, Houston Arts Alliance's Jonathon Glus gives his take on the importance of civic art in big American cities. I agree with him. It's important and ultimately income producing.
The good news right now is that throughout the new Houston Permitting Center, there is a lot of art to see and experience. Art truly in the public realm.
That being said, after watching folks in the building today, I have the sense that they are all very, very focused on their individual permitting processes and may not be taking in the surroundings at all.
Perhaps after a few trips, they'll begin to look around and see just what a cool building this is.