Monday, January 23, 2012

More On-Line Media Mentions

Yet another blog has given the art at the Houston Permitting Center the high sign. Click on Art History Links where there is a very brief comment or two referencing the blog column review in the Houston Press by Meredith Deliso. Just great to keep reading such good things about this unique green building. And aren't we happy to have been a part of making it wonderful?
I'm being a bit flip, but it's way late at night and I need to be in bed. Asleep. Not blogging.
But cannot now resist showing just a few photos you may not have seen before. Here's the third Geoff Winningham photo on metal being installed in the basement lobby, followed by a projection of the design for the lobby level 3 and finally, an image of Dean Ruck and Dan Havel's crew getting sections of Torrent into the building so that it could be reconstructed on site.

Do take a look at those blog mentions. Sure is nice that folks keep stopping by and then writing good things about our work.