Monday, July 11, 2011

Permitting Made Easy

Photos and mentions of the new Houston Permitting Center are beginning to show up on-line. Here's one from the Houston blog Is This Houston? houston by phone camera.Houston Permitting Center 1002 Washington

Lisa Gray's 'Coffee, Not Kafka' Now On-Line

I take it all back. Lisa Gray's story in the Houston Chronicle titled 'Coffee, Not Kafka' is now on-line. OK, there was no instant gratification on Sunday morning - meaning, I could not forward her story on the new Houston Permitting Center to the entire world. That is, of course, the first thing one wants to do. But today, it's right there on-line, so enjoy.

Houston Chronicle's Lisa Gray Touts New Facility

I wish that the Houston Chronicle would publish its entire Sunday edition on at the same time the newspaper hits the curb in front of my house. That would have made for instant gratification. Meaning that I could forward 'Coffee, Not Kafka', Lisa Gray's terrific story on the new Houston Permitting Center, to the entire world as well linking to this blog. I expect that Lisa's take on the facility will eventually make its way on-line. But not soon enough for me.
In the meantime, grab the STAR section of Sunday's paper from the trash and enjoy a good read. She gives the place a great review. Thank you, Lisa Gray, for absolutely 'getting' this building.
And by the way, speaking of putting information on-line for instant gratification, a year ago, we talked about putting barcodes by each of the artful interventions in the permitting center, so folks could download pertinent information. I even visited the convention center to find out about their 'cell phone tours' for a low tech version. Just a week ago, I wandered through The Big Show at Lawndale and each piece had a label with a QR code. I also notice that the Houston Press is filled with QR codes.
Folks do indeed want instant information/gratification and I'll bet that if there were QR codes next to the artwork at the Houston Permitting Center, they'd be well used. Which means my job is not done until it's done.
And thank you, once again, Lisa Gray, for 'seeing' what this new Houston Permitting Center is all about.