Saturday, September 3, 2011

RED Zine: Focus on Houston Permitting Center

Just received the link to Studio RED's Zine devoted entirely to the Houston Permitting Center, a project for which they were lead architects and the galvanizing force promoting sustainability features that will become more cost effective with each season. Take a look at RED Zine.

More on the artful interventions soon. The City of Houston is compiling content on all aspects of the facility for on-line access. I am still collecting a few artist statements. May have to write a couple myself, just to make the deadline. How are there always so many loose ends in any project? Do I make these jobs up?
Perhaps I'd do well to bear in mind the sage advice which is signed with plexi-hands on level 2 of the building. It reads, "Fewer problems down the road, if you solve the issues today."