Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dean Ruck and Dan Havel: Installing

Dean and Dan hired Crate Works to bring their beautiful and baroque wall assemblage to 1002 Washington Avenue yesterday. The moving process took the whole day and two trips to load and unload all the sections of this artwork.Their piece is among the first two being installed in this 80 year old brick warehouse that has transformed into the new Houston Permitting Center. Besides tracking for LEEDS gold rating, the building will be home to over a dozen new civic artworks.
We will be installing from now until mid-June. The days will be busy. I am off to the site now and Laurie Perez will be there early this afternoon to take photos of Dean and Dan at work.
Agnes Welsh Eyster's etched metal panels are being installed as part of the mill work which includes the imposing 'meet and greet' reception center and the lobby security desk.
It has begun.

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