Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All In A Day and a Half's Work

Here are a some of the highlights from the last 36 hours. More photos to come tomorrow. I've downloaded dozens of photos of installations underway at the site. Plus photos of stuff I watch happening like tree planting and landscaping and all those yellow box move-ins.
The last 36 hours have been eventful. Worked with Robynn Sanders late last night on my own text interventions throughout the building. Robynn worked way later than I did. Fun to see what she'd painted when I arrived this morning. Robynn and I had a breakthrough idea about an hour into our collaboration. It came when we decided to paint all the text in shades of gray. No red, no blue, just gray. It really works.
Metalab Studio has been installing over several days. I have much more to show and tell about what they are doing.
In a day or two, they'll put CO2 and motion sensors on each of the columns in the main lobby and then folks coming and going in the space will find their movements transferred to the big screen just inside the main door. In graphic form.
Kaneem Smith partially installed today with the help from Daniel Adame. They are hanging, or actually Daniel was hanging and Kaneem and I were saying a lot of, "Move it just a bit to the left" and "Drop it down about four inches" and "No, it looks much better up about a foot."
A crew from A&E Graphics came to install two of my big text walls early this morning, but within minutes judged the semi-gloss paint still tacky and so, set a new install date for Friday, giving the paint three days to dry. Charles Masterson arrived with his crew early afternoon and around 5:00 the first two panels were set in place. So lots to write about. Here are a very few photos. Can you see Beth Wray in this photo of the very first panel about to be set in place? Look again. She's there.
What a day!

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