Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten Years to Clarity: Houston Permitting Center

How satisfying it was this morning to see the Houston Permitting Center featured on Houston 20/20 Visions Ten Years to Clarity blog. Ten Years to Clarity's mission statement: "To provide a forum for creative visions for the next decade that will explore how development, environmental responsibility, housing, and transportation projects will contribute to a sustainable future for the City of Houston."

It's terrific to know that the 12 artists who created work for this new facility have contributed to Houston's sustainable future. Thanks to each for responding to the call to create work that would become an 'artful intervention in the functionality' of this unique city building at 1002 Washington Avenue.  

Artists for the project?
Dick Wray
Serena Lin Bush
Jesse Sifuentes
Kaneem Smith
Geoff Winningham
Metablab Studio
Havel-Ruck Projects
Agnes Welsh Eyster
Mary Margaret Hansen

You just might want to visit this facility. Soon. It's open to the public every day.  And ride the elevators to see art on all five levels.  Don't miss a thing. 

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