Wednesday, June 8, 2011

East End Magnolias

Jesse's first mural is up and looks terrific in the level 4 reception area, a space that has two big windows, one facing north and the second overlooking downtown Houston. The north light is great for the painting and highlights the portion of his mural where he's painted in a couple of Houston icons - Minute Maid Park's train and Pennzoil Place.
We are delaying the installation of two of my text walls from this morning until next Monday. One was to have been wallpapered in the cashier's area on the main level, but the carpeting is going in this morning and the space is still filled with workers and dust.
The second text wall we're delaying is on level 3 and comprises dozens of the phrases and words I heard as I listened to plan reviewers and inspectors earlier this year. I spent hours at a time sitting in on their conversations with contractors, engineers, architects and covered a stack of yellow legal pads with transcriptions. Then I weeded through all the words and found key phrases that were used over and over. Put them all together like a monologue. Ran it by key folks like Earl Greer, Sheila Blake, Mark McAvoy and Susan McMillian. Made several revisions based on their comments. Also heard several chuckles as they read it, so I know we have it right.
S.O. Creatives designed both of these text walls. Both walls are real collaborations. A & E Graphics is producing and installing the wallpapers. Hope the dust has settled by next Monday when they install. Here's an image of the sample produced for the level 3 reception area. It's actually going to be about 14 feet long and 9 feet tall. Those colored conversation clouds are plexi and will be bolted on over the words.
Time to shower and get on with the day. That means get to the site. Jesse is installing his second mural in the lobby this morning.

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