Monday, June 6, 2011

Jesse Sifuentes Installs

Jesse and his helper Juan spent most of the day constructing the L-shaped stretcher and getting the hardware up in the inset. In the afternoon, they unrolled the canvas and Jesse began stapling it the stretcher. Had to leave before they actually got it hung, so I get to see it tomorrow morning with the eastern sun shining in on it.
I see workmen lifting the plastic sheeting covering the artwork that is already installed just to see what's there. People are also beginning to say things about the art. A security guard looked at Geoff Winningham's photo mural of a reflection of UH Downtown's main building in Buffalo Bayou and said he recognized it as the building where he'd gone to college. "I saw it in the reflection," he said.
Another worker in the building said to me on the central staircase this afternoon, "Well, another day in paradise. I've been at work in this building for over a year. Can hardly wait until it's done."
Nice that he said, "Another day in paradise." I used that phrase on my text wall on level 3, among many other phrases that I heard when I spent time with plan reviewers and inspectors.
That wall will be installed on Wednesday.

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