Monday, June 27, 2011

Gonzo's Aerosol Mural: Level 3

Gonzo 24/7 painted a mural on canvas that, if memory serves, is almost 20 feet long. Really nice interplay of forms that build a cityscape with a swirling highway running through it. Gonzo says that intricate flowery pattern overlaying the deep orange was made by painting over lace. Who knew? Well, it works.


  1. Gonzo is a charlatan at best a modern day elixir salesman but instead of magic potion his gimmick is that 'art'. On another note who wrote this article? The grammar presented here is horrendous. A comma or two would have done wonders for that travesty of an opening.

  2. Smart Pants,
    You are right on two counts. The first sentence really needed two commas. Done.