Sunday, June 26, 2011

Swamplot Focuses on 'Overheard' and Solar Panels

Just read Swamplot's take on the level 3 text wall titled 'Overheard.' This wall was installed by A&E Graphics just last Wednesday and is immediately adjacent to the lobby elevators. Apparently, it caught someone's eye. Check out all the comments on Swamplot, too.
Thanks to Earl Greer and the countless plan reviewers and inspectors who allowed me to listen in on their conversations over many weeks. And thanks to them again for listening to what I captured to see if it was 'the real thing.'
Thanks to Kelly Musebeck at S.O. Creatives for taking all those overheard phrases I'd transcribed on yellow legal pads, for listening to my ideas for covering an entire wall with these conversational phrases, for designing the wall and finally for tweaking that design again and again as we made it what you see right now on level 3.
And thanks to A&E Graphics for producing this text wall, for cutting the plexi conversation clouds and for installing the entire thing.
One never works alone. I may have dreamed up that idea many months ago, but it takes a village to make it a reality. Everyone adds their skills and creativity to the idea. I've always maintained that collaborations are the way to go.

Swamplot also covered Metalab's new solar panels on the roof of the new Houston Permitting Center.

For more information on how this new permitting center got started back in 2009, here's another Swamplot link.

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