Monday, June 13, 2011

Dick Wray's Tower: Coming Soon

Visited Charles Masterson's shop yesterday to see the laser cut panels for Dick Wray's tower. I have to say that the panels look wonderful.
When we arrived, his team was adding the narrow metal insets between each section of each panel. That way, when the metal contracts and expands as weather conditions go from below freezing to over 100 degrees, you'll never see 'cracks' in the images. Thanks, JB, for the idea. It'll work really well.Here's a panel that's not yet been sanded so you can see the rough laser cut edges. Really seems to follow Dick's hand.
On Monday and Tuesday, all the panels will be powder coated. Black. So the cutouts will read as silhouettes. We anticipate that installation will begin this week. And what a sight this artwork will be.
It'll be so public you will spot it from the freeway circling downtown. So public that every person who enters the facility will see it. Dick's work will quite simply define this building. We planned it this way.

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