Monday, June 13, 2011

Sign Language in Plexi

While Serena was installing her work in the basement stairwell, I was on levels 2 and 3 with S.O. Creatives and their fabricator, installing three plexi sign language statements that, depending on your point of view, are absolutely true. Or will be a point of further conversation.
Kelly projected the images on each wall, so we got the right width between each sign. Then the statements were installed, one hand sign at a time.
Here's how the walls read in a language other than signing:

"Fewer problems down the road, if you solve the issues today." Even I can read the third 'sign,' a single hand signaling 'down'.
"Code spoken here with skill, nuance and great authority." We installed this statement on level 3, where Earl Greer's plan reviewers receive engineers, architects, designers and persons of interest. I like the word 'nuance.'
The third statement, "The code is a powerful tool for building a great city", was installed in Thursday's Final Review Conference Area on level 2.
I like all three of these statements on those stark white walls. They're colorful and spare and almost seem to dance or move as if in a breeze.

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