Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Photos and Commentary

Last week, I caught a glimpse of Agnes Welsh Eyster's etched metal panel for the lobby reception center. It's been covered with corrugated boards for weeks and was recovered the same day I got to take a look at it. Were they installing counter tops? In any case, her work is a lovely introduction to the processes that on in the facility. That 'meet and greet' desk, as it's called, will be a hub of activity.Here's an image of J B White and Carlos Macias in the lobby, both on their cell phones, keeping up with their schedules. Taken ten days out from move-in.
Some days I obviously get very tired. This was one of those days. Think it was the afternoon when Serena and her crew were installing, the day that three sign language walls were installed, the day that I met Robynn Saunders after 5:00 to talk about tiny hand painted text interventions. On another afternoon, I took an almost-nap on a bench in the lobby. No photo of that.
Here's a photo of the central staircase panels. Can you imagine? They arrived just a week ago and they were all installed within three days.
Love this railing detail in the main lobby. Love the broom too.
Here's a cut out in the exterior elevator shaft where Dick Wray's piece will soon be installed. We had to have three squares cut from his artwork too, in order to accommodate water sources for the possibility of fire. There always seem to be used cups or aluminum cans in places like this. I haven't seen one designated trash container on the premises yet.
I seem to lug way too much heavy stuff to the building each day. Two cameras, up-to-the moment files on all the installations, an apple, my cell phone. This photo was taken up on level 4, when Jesse Sifuentes was installing one of his murals.
Remember back when? As far back as 15 months ago when level 3 or 4 looked like this? The space itself has a certain beauty, don't you think?

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